Monday, March 16, 2009

An "I" name?

Mint had her baby today - a tiny little doe. Her head seemed enormous as it was emerging from her mother - and then she was the smallest baby that I have ever had. She has No Size's Father's hair, so she is going to be adorable. In keeping with my scheme for names - Arizona cities or towns, I need an "I" name. I could not find one anywhere on the map. I did find an Imperial Natural Wildlife Conservancy, but I don't know, if that counts as a town. If I can't come up with one, I will skip I and J (the only name that comes up there is Jerome and not at all suitable and jump to K.
This is Espresso, the herdsire for the older Shetland sheep. He was sheared yesterday, so here are the before and after photos.

These are the ewes from the far out pasture (no grass, by the way) after they were sheared. They have udders, but none looks close. I have three in the arena that could deliver any minute. Pearl, the older Border Leicester/Shetland cross, was bred to a Jacob's ram and should have black lambs, if what they say on the Jacob website is true.

Here Danny is shearing one of the ewes in the far out pasture.
Trivia - 361 pounds of fiber and I have more to shear in a month. Their hair/wool was to short to shear them this past weekend.

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KiniaCat Crafts said...

I'm not sure if this will help:
I found an "Itak" in Pima County.
MapQuest shows it to be near the border. (

There's a place called "Inspiration" in Gila County.

There's an "Ironwood Terrace" in Maricopa county (but a lot of the "cities" listed appear to be mobile home parks...

I saw a variety of Indian Springs/Pines/Wells/Gardens in several counties.

For "J's - there's a Jeddito in Navajo county ( and a "Jordan" in Yavapai county ( And a "Jops Landing" in Mohave County. (

Sorry about the load of back-slashes in this comment. ;)
Well wishes to you and everyone the ranch!