Thursday, January 23, 2014

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, First Lambs, ArtWeaving

I am excited! I made it into the MSDW and can be found in the northwest section of the fairgrounds near the sheepdog demos the first weekend in May. I have a full schedule of shows that may be found on my website Upcoming Events page:
 Our first Merino lambs were born Monday night. I am using weather as a theme for names this year. Thanks Leslie for the idea. We have had so many weather issues, that it will be easy. The two above were named Stormy and Windy. They are quite happy with little shirts and a heat lamp. The barn heater can't keep up, but they are hardy little critters.
I have opened a new shop on etsy named ArtWeaving: . I am keeping my old etsy shop for yarns, rovings and accessories. My hand woven items get lost in the old site and they are becoming more art oriented. This is the last one finished and I have named it Evening Skies. I have the ends to finish on the one I just took off the loom and it will be named Ocean Waves.

Hope you are all enjoying your weather. Walking up from the barn in the snow has become a workout. No need for the elliptical at all now!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First Lambs of the Year

I went down to the barn at 8:30 tonight to do my usual check and discovered that Sweet Pea had started labor. The first born is the light colored one at the front. I had to help both onto the mom and I am sure that the dark chocolate one is drinking. I fed the light one a tablespoon of colostrum from her mother and she bounced right up. Both are ewes, which I consider to be a blessing.

I have not settled on a theme for the year, so I am taking suggestions. Aren't Merino lambs cute?

Snow Pea, the white ewe from the previous post, is likely to deliver in the middle of the night or tomorrow. She is standing and does not look comfortable.

Snow Again means Animals in Barn Again

 Shetlands, Merinos and the kid angora goats are sharing the barn. We are supposed to get over 7 inches of snow. They are all content. The ram at the very front left hides among the ewes till I show up and then thinks he can ram me. I am wise to him now.
 No matter what type of feeder we buy, the goats find a way to get in it. A little black doe is enjoying being above the ground. If you look click on this picture to look at it more closely, you can see that I have several goats with blue eyes.
 If you follow Pantone's color way, you will know that natural silver and "red" kid mohair are in. This silver doe is super soft. I am currently spinning her first fleece.
 The Merino ewes above and below are due any time now, so they are in their own pen. With all of the rest of the animals in the barn, it would be too easy for them to have lambs that do not bond to them.

 I am still listing on my www.uniquedesignsbykathy.etsy shop. The yarn above is super bulky and will be listed today. It is next to the skin, so it is appropriate for next to the skin wear like cowls.
Lovely kid mohair/alpaca supercoils are part of a series that I will be listing today.

I did not even step outside to take this picture! If you are snowbound, enjoy your freedom from the rat race!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Enough Snow Already

 I have had more snow than I want in the last two months. The goats have not left the barn, while the alpacas, Shetlands and Merinos are out digging in the snow to uncover grass. This is my view from my studio window.
 I might not like the weather here, but there are lots of great photo opportunities. The pond is partially frozen and is likely to freeze over tomorrow due to the low temperatures.
Since I am avoiding the cold, I have had lots of time to list on Etsy. I have 90 items now. Only the very best batts, rovings, yarns and accessories are being listed.

My next show will be in Ocean City, MD at their fiber festival February 7-9, 2014. Catch me there, if you are closer to the coast.

Happy New Year!