Tuesday, March 10, 2009


For those who came out on Friday and Saturday, I forgot to mention that I lost Faith on Sunday. My son does not get my grieving over a baby, that does not make it, when there are so many healthy ones running around. I think all of the babies are special and they will be remembered - even if it is only for how hard they struggled to survive.


angela said...

It's human to grieve over the little being--you had a hand in it's life.

Alan said...

Your son is very pragmatic. I'm with you, though; each animal is a living creature special unto itself. It's like when people have an inexpensive pet like a hamster or parakeet and balk at having to pay a vet when it gets sick. To me, it isn't the investment in the animal from a money standpoint, but the meaning that animal brings to my life. I learned a lot from spending a few short hours with Faith, so her brief life wasn't for nothing.

woolies said...

So sorry you lost Faith. I would cry too. Each one is special. I have to come over to see all the babies.