Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feed bill

Amazing that my feed has gone up $400 in the past three months and I am getting the same 100 bags. It is really surprising since the rabbit pellets that are made out of the same type of hay have not changed price. I thought about posting my bill! From my friends on different yahoo lists, I am hearing that it is no better where they are and many of them are auctioning off their animals. Those with pasture in the summer dread the winter hay bill. Of course, I have no pasture, so I have to dread all of them!

No picture of this sorry state!

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Sheri said...

I hear you about the feed bills. It is terrible. I feed organic and my price for a 50 pound bag ranges between $30 to $55 depending on what feed I am buying. Hay was horrible in price last year, $6.50 a bale. It is $5 a bale this year. I am not going to sell off my animals but wonder if I will be able to sell the babies come spring.