Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The diggingest rabbits

Don't know, if any of you remember reading or reading to your kids the Dr. Seuss book about the dog that kept digging. Anyhow, I have two rabbits that showed up that dog today! They managed to dig a burrow at least 15 feet long, that went under the entire rabbit pen and out the far side. I know it, because I found them wandering around outside the rabbit and chicken pen. They were happy, but not for long. Marc and I caught them and they are officially back in cages. If we had not noticed (we would have), they would have been someone's dinner. Had to throw the youngest chickens out with the adult chickens, so a rabbit could go in a cage. Marc says I should let them run around in the day. I am not sure that I will for a while. The ground is nicely dug up and soft. Won't keep them in for long.

No pictures - I was too busy catching.

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Alan said...

I had a pet rabbit when I was a kid. He dug ALL THE TIME! He could go into and out of his hutch whenever he wanted, and he dug a maze of tunnels in his pen (about 8 by 12 feet). Every time he dug one under the fence, I'd put a big rock in the hole. Eventually he couldn't dig under the fence. I still have dreams about him being outside the pen and having to catch him!