Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sisters' Visit

My sisters were visiting earlier this month and we were out talking. Absinthe hung around - you would have thought she was listening, but she was actually hoping for a treat. I gave her my hair bow, so she could see us.

I can't take photos of myself and I don't photograph well, when I am posing. It is better to catch me in action. Some of the photos, which I will NOT share, had me looking like an old hag. So, when we were out in the workshop and I started mixing dyes in the pot, "Witches Brew" became a perfect title for this shot.

The sign I ordered from Oregon arrived while my sisters were visiting, so I can finally include a photo. They said that it represents all I do. Next time you come to visit, take time to check it out. I will gladly pass his info on to anyone who is interested in unique artwork. I know it is cool, because Marc had just filled in the holes and one of my neighbors, who was driving down the road, did a double take and backed up to check it out.

It is still pretty hot here in Tucson. I spent over an hour locking up goats based on breeding criteria on Sunday and then decided to let them out this afternoon. They were too hot and I don't want to go buy more fans. My friend, Judy, helped me round up two of the older does who were beating up on other does. I doubt that any of the bucks are fertile with it so warm. I know that the does are in heat and the males are not showing any interest. At this rate, all of next year's babies will be born later than last year. I don't expect any till early March and possibly later. Is this the greenhouse effect?


Momma said...

Hey Kathy, what do you do with the raked up poo? Do you have any old stuff? I would be happy to take some from you if we could. I am gardening and need some good poo for the plots here. lol let me know ok?

Donnie And Donita said...

Love your new sign

FlutterbyFibers said...

I LOVE the new sign!!! I have to come by and see it in person! Glad you had a good visit with your sisters. See you soon. ~ Laura

Julie said...

The sign is perfect! Love Absinthe with the hair clip.

Alan said...

The sign is beautiful!