Sunday, January 27, 2008

Officially a farmer

You know that you are officially a farmer, when you get an official census in the mail. It was scary at first. A total of 24 pages to fill in and a lot of it more personal than I want to put in a form for others to read. I had to think about it for a few weeks, but the deadline for mailing is almost upon me, so I got it done tonight. Marc had to provide some of the info, since I don't do the number stuff, if I can help it!

Anyone else get one?


modmoxie said...

Hi Kathy - very nice blog! You mentioned wondering about how many views you are getting...I put a free hit-counter on my blog from this site: It was really easy - there are instructions on the site for usage.

Julie said...

Getting caught up on your posts - I have seen quite a few of these censuses (censi?) and they are the worst! Especially since my clients send em to me to fill out.