Saturday, October 8, 2011

Best of Show at Patagonia Fall Arts Festival

This is my booth down at Patagonia. My wheel is not shown, but it is in the right front corner. I am very excited. I will post a photo of my ribbon and plaque tomorrow - I won best of show. I was told that I won because of my gorgeous art and craftsmanship, my customer service, and willingness to demonstrate my craft and educate. I like to show off at all of my shows, as I mentioned in my last blog. I have started using my wheel rather than the drop spindle, because I have lots of upcoming shows (those animals eat a lot and more as it gets colder!) and I have to have a good mix of yarn to sell. The wheel is definitely a lot more attention gathering than the drop spindle.

I still dream about moving to Patagonia. It is a lovely town and the festival has one of the nicest locations that I have been too. I get to choose my booth spot for next year - I am keeping the same one. I get to look out at the mountains as I spin or chat with customers and dream. If you are looking for a fun outing - come down and visit tomorrow. I will find you a chair!

I finished this dress on Thursday - I say this loosely, because I have already decided to crochet a maple leaf to go in the split of the skirt. It looked a lot shorter when I wore it today (this photo was taken yesterday with a different outfit), since I had so many layers on. The panels are all knit in different directions which means the dress/vest will stretch in multiple directions and is truly a one size fits all.

I came up with the idea in Chicago and am happy to have finished it in a timely manner. I hope to finish a sweater jacket next - but, I could get distracted with a new idea!

Forgot to mention that I was featured as the cover story in last Sunday's paper. The goats were featured on the front page of the Home Section and they did a lovely spread on me in the middle. I have the link - not sure that it will work after tomorrow, but if you missed it, I can send

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