Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby blues

This kid is out of a red doe and a black buck. Neither had blue eyes, but it was obviously in the buck's background. This kid's eyes and a few others are staying blue. A very different look!
My new Merino's came from Mendenhall Farm in California. A friend was showing his goats and sheep in California and brought them back for me. I am really pleased with them and they are not stressing with the heat. Best of all, they are significantly smaller than the Rambouillets!

This elastic yarn was supposed to match the skein below. There is some of it spun up in the single, but the overall look is too different for me to use them together, so I am going to list it on etsy.
This skein has the southwestern charms in it. I will probably list it on etsy with a photo showing the charms a little better. You can see the horseshoe and the hat, if you look closely.

The last necklace is done and in the wash. I have been carding almost all day and I am accumulating some really cool rovings.
In other doings - I have been experimenting with Navajo plying and discovered that it is pretty easy, since I have had so much practice doing funky yarns.

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Alan said...

I Navajo-plied that pink merino/Romney that I was spinning so thin. It came out at a nice DK/worsted weight. It took me a while to find my rhythm, and I learned two thing: 1) the smaller the loop left when you're done adding twist to the current section, the less it twists and the easier it is to pull through the next loop, and 2) holding the loop with my ring finger or pinkie lets me add twist to the entire section while leaving the little loop open.