Thursday, October 29, 2009

You win some, you lose some

My loss:

When I went out to feed last night, I discovered that my yearling does had killed my kid buck, that I bought in Oregon this summer. He had not gone into rut, so that might have been what triggered the accident. He had been butted and landed upside down in the feeder with a broken neck. He had been in the pen with them for a few months and they had not been messing with him, so it was a complete surprise. Now I am going to need to keep one of my white kid bucks, just in case the yearling white buck does not do the job. Depressing.

My win:

This past weekend I was offered some Aussie/Golden Retriever crosses. I took one look at them and decided I would adopt them. They are 8 weeks old and have personalities already. The sable and white is a male and super friendly. He will already follow. I plan to train him to herd the sheep and keep me company while Marc is gone. The chocolate colored one is female and a lot slower to respond. She was likely the runt of the litter. I am keeping them in a pen, when I am wandering about, so they will have a place to associate as their own. They are not barkers (thank goodness) and have already been out to see the llamas and alpacas. Brillo snorted and then lost interest. When the llamas first got a whiff of them, they trumpeted. I imagine they will tolerate each other some day.

They are going to be lovely companions. I was raising collies when I met Marc. He is going to love the sable and white one. Now I need names and I am not going to stick with the Arizona theme.


Anonymous said...

I like the darker one, the girl! (I would have called the darker one sable, not the lighter one...) She looks like a sweetheart. I want one of these guys someday (yeah, when I have a house without carpet and time to train him):

FlutterbyFibers said...

oh my GOODNESS! Those puppies are the cutest stinkin' things! I can't wait to meet them. I'm glad that you'll have another companion (or two) and I know they'll be happy with all the friends to protect and chase a bit. : ) I'm so sorry to hear about the buck... that's a scary loss. I'm glad the girls all like and respect you ... you weigh less then the buck! Stay careful. ~ Laura

Rosey said...

So sorry to read about the loss of the buck...BUT, loosing his life because his performance was not up to par just puts a whole new cast on typical male, female relationships.

Lassie and Lonnie come to mind. I know they are common, but these are the first puppies in a long time. You can get into fancy names when you have some lineage.

woolies said...

PUPPIES!!!!!! you got PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!


so sorry about the buck.