Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still waiting - and the guilty party

This is the guilty party. He is a ram that I bought from someone in Oregon a few months ago. He was thrown in with the ewes on his way here and I am sure that you can guess the result. By the way, he needs a name. Suggestions?
This fawn colored ewe is due ANY moment. I have quit worrying about her, since she has had lambs before. I would like to be sure that all is OK. She is not getting any larger, but still no babies.

This moorit ewe is also pregnant. Her udders are not as well developed, but I have learned that their size is not everything. She is stressing from the heat, but I don't want to lock her in a pen. She is not a first timer either.
Anyhow, I am still waiting.


Pat Riesenburger said...

Wow....it seems like an exciting time at the ranch! I can't wait to see pictures of the babies!

Alan said...

How about naming the new ram Eugene? That would work best if you actually got him in Eugene, but not necessary.

Rosebug said...

How did the pregnancies turn out?
I am waiting for my yorkie to birth for the first time..for both of us!

Do you sell roving? I ordered felting needles yesterday and can't wait to get started!
Hope to visit someday, live at Oracle an Ina.
Keep cool!

Julie said...

I sure hope that ewe has delivered by now!