Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Busy day

My day started off with Tor shearing the two red kids that I bought from him a few months ago. They were born in January and their hair kept getting caught in their teeth. If someone does not pick it out, their teeth could rot. Marc is not able to get as close to the goats as I can, so he would have been running himself ragged. You can tell when their teeth are stuck, because their heads are down and they can't lift them. Partially shorn.
No haircut is complete without a pedicure!

While Tor sheared, we discussed hermaphrodites and the causes. One of my friend's goats turned out to be one. Interesting... I have never had one out of my goats nor has Tor. Tor calls it a freak of nature. We wondered whether nutrition or stress could have caused it. Since they can't breed, they obviously cannot pass it on.
I set myself the goal of finishing at least one project before leaving. This one was done except for a few embellishments. The two ends are the coolest parts according to many who have seen it. It is called School Days. A definite conversation piece!

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Michelle said...

I've done some reading about hermaphrodite animals and they happen in nature a lot more often than we think. Birds and lizards seem to be especially susceptible. Some people think that hormones making their way into the water supply is responsible.