Sunday, June 15, 2008


This is my On the Ranch skein. I decided to not fill the bobbin, so it would be affordable. I am going to make a few skeins that can go with it, if anyone wants to make a larger project. This skein has 107 yards. Good for a scarf or to add to something else.

After thinking about it and since someone suggested it, I started a ravelry group for people who are interested in what happens around here. More feedback for me. I can do market research and find out what people think, before I actually do something! And - a chance for people to let me see what they have been doing - especially with my fiber. (I already have a typo in the intro to the thing and immediately realized that I need to know how to edit!) If anyone knows how, please let me know! It is named Unique Designs By Kathy. Thought I would keep the same name going, so I don't have to memorize something new.

Someone already wanted to know the date for the wool festival for 2009, so thought I would let those of you who keep calendars know: October 17, 2009. It avoids conflict with the other group. (If you do not know, don't ask!)

A friend came by to work with me on a DVD, that will be informational in nature, that can be played at the wool festival and at open houses. We were working on the birthing sequence. I use the "um" a lot. Anyone have a suggestion for getting rid of the habit?


Alan said...

Um, the first step is admitting you have a problem. ;-)

If you're not aware at the time that you're saying "um", practice talking in front of someone who can make a noise each time you say "um".

If you ARE aware, then make a conscious effort to PAUSE rather than say "um". I know that I use "um" to avoid silence when I'm presenting, but from the point of view of your audience, a slight pause is preferable to "um". HTH.

Julie said...

Yes, um, what Alan said - and YAY RAVELRY! I'm running over there right now to join the group